Deep Web Search – Frequently Asked Questions


The "visible web" is what you see in the results pages from general web search engines such as Google, and Yahoo! or Teoma, and AlltheWeb.

The "Invisible web" is what you cannot retrieve in the search results.

The "invisible" or "Deep" web pages cannot be "crawled" nor automatically indexed by traditional search engines, primarily because they are protected links inaccessible from the outside. These pages may also link to “searchable databases” on particular web sites that can only be “dynamically generated” when queried from within the site. The traditional search engine cannot do deep searches in these databases. However, you can search them manually if you know where to look. Some examples of invisible Web pages are:

Have you ever seen this message when refreshing a web page?

This usually happens when the page you are trying to refresh is a dynamically generated page. These types of pages contain data or information we require. But they cannot be searched and indexed by traditional search engines. Hidden within the databases and invisible web pages lie terabytes of information that are crucial to your day-to-day decision-making. CloserLook Search Services can help you access this type of information in real-time with automated search algorithms and vertical searches.

CloserLook is a search engine for the Invisible or Deep Web. It can help you search for information that is not otherwise retrieved by search engines. It includes is a data aggregation platform that can search the databases underlying many Web sites in real-time. These Web-based databases can be either on the public Internet or on your Intranet.

We also recognize that capturing raw data, however pertinent, is not a sufficient outcome. The information must be catalogued and organized into meaningful formats so that it can be readily disseminated within your organization. We ensure that the search results that are generated fit effectively with your company's organizational flow and decision-making process.

For portals and websites CloserLook™ vertical searches can help you build traffic and ad-revenue while boosting viewership and user loyalty.

It is a specialized search engine that satisfies the specific search intent of an end-user. It mines data for one narrow niche or topic. Such search engines target databases that offer a particular type of information say health or travel and provide search results that are pertinent to the end-user query for that particular topic.

At CloserLook Search Services, we use our Deep Web Search Technology to build vertical searches that satisfy a broad range of markets such as Health, Travel, business background information, sales and prospection, skip tracing and so on...

Vertical search can offer results to a more focused audience, and thus increase the efficiency of ads on the search engine. It also presents a new kind of advertising opportunity called cost per action, where the action of a user can lead to more qualified lead such as purchase of a product, registration to a newsletter or filling out a form.

We are constantly building applications to leverage the Cost Per Action model. Contact us to learn how vertical searches can help grow ad revenue on your portal.

Some of our applications to search databases on the Web include finding reliable information on health conditions and medications, travel to cities of the world, searching for airfares, background searches on businesses and individuals, skip tracing to locate missing persons and more. The databases aggregated can either be on the public Web or on private intranets. We can build custom search applications to help your business search the web or your private intranet more effectively. Find out how.

Most of the invisible web is made up of the contents of thousands of specialized searchable databases that you can search via the Web. The search results from many of these databases are delivered to you in web pages that are generated just in answer to your search. Such pages very often are not stored anywhere: it is easier and cheaper to dynamically generate the answer page for each query than to store all the possible pages containing all the possible answers to all the possible queries people could make to the database. Search engines cannot find or create these pages generated by Searchable databases.

Examples of searchable databases are

Yes, CloserLook’s deep web searches can help grow traffic and increase page views on your site. In addition to providing more in-depth content on various topics of interest to your visitors, you can increase ad revenues by running more pertinent ads related to the search term. Some of the applications that can power your portal are health and travel information searches. We can also provide other topics for the specific searching needs of your visitors. Contact us to learn more.

Our EMpower search application can help your sales people get background information on prospective businesses. You can make sure everyone in your office goes out with the facts they need about prospective clients in order to conduct more productive appointments. We also provide search tools to verify credentials of prospective clients and reduce bad debt and fraud.

Yes, CloserLook’s deep web searches can help grow traffic and increase page views on your site. You can offer innovative searches to attract traffic to your site. We can even develop a custom search that will help meet your needs. Contact us to find out more.

Yes, we can help banks and financial institutions ensure compliance in accordance with the Patriot Act by gathering facts from various databases about the individual or business you are dealing with in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Contact us to learn more.

CloserLook Search Services currently offers Gotcha!, EMpower.

Our search application Gotcha! can be used by debt collection agencies, check cashers and investigators for skip tracing consumers or businesses who owe you money. Learn more about Gotcha!

This search gives you solid background information about prospective business clients before you call on them. Sales Managers: You can EMpower your sales team for the cost of a single cell phone. Make sure everyone in your office goes out with the facts they need to conduct more productive appointments. Learn More about the EMpower™ Enterprise Edition.

Gotcha! is the best online skip trace software available for saving time in looking up listed phone numbers on skipped accounts.

It will save you time (time is money) and provide you with more accurate phone numbers than what your skip tracers are currently using.

Saying is one thing. Delivering is another. Gotcha! skip trace software has over a 90% retention rate of skip tracers because Gotcha! delivers results.

Every phone number returned by Gotcha! is guaranteed. You are never charged for a wrong number.

Our skip trace experts will guide you through a free online demo in real time. You can bring some "fresh" skip trace accounts to the demo, run them through Gotcha! and judge for yourself that what we say is true. Contact us for more information and a free demo.

Your data can be be batched and results delivered the next day.

You can even use Gotcha! to help you allocate work within your debt collection departments and feed results to your predictive dialer.

Click on Contact us for more information and a free demo.

CloserLook Search Services, Inc. was started in Montreal in 1996 and is recognized as one of the most inovative and fastest growing companies in the search engine technology field. See: news releases.

Higher hit rates, increased collections, greater efficiencies and lower skip tracing costs.