EMpower Business Background Search Engine

Obtain Company Profiles, Business Background Information in real-time

  • EMpower™ is especially useful for conducting background research on privately held businesses.
    CEO of Avalinx, LLC.
EMpower™ currently offers searches in these 46 states.
Obtain concise, printed company profiles and background information on businesses before you call on them.
Find the officers and directors of a business.
Know when the business was established, its locations, web site, business filings, patents, trademarks, BBB listings, liens and other information.
Even get directions to their office.
Empower can be customizable with your own sources
  • EMpower™ has saved me countless hours of research time, by providing complete and relevant search results in one easy to use concise format.
Users Benefit
B2B Sales professionals Learn about your prospects before you call on them
Law Firms Company Profiles of clients, Due diligence, Conflicts of interest, Patents & Trademarks
Accountants Verify Business Registrations and corporate filings
Billing and Verification Departments Liens, UCC filings and general business standing
Insurance Agents Business status, type of business, location, Industry
Insurance Underwriters Verify business status, business registration, years in business, type of business, industry
Small Business Banking Company profiles, business registration documents, liens and UCC filings