Vertical Search Solutions

Why offer vertical search engines on your portal or intranet?

At CloserLook™ Search, we develop vertical search engines that satisfy particular search intent of end-users of your portal or intranet. Traditional search engines try to be everything to everybody and offer very broad searches on every topic. However, online search needs have evolved beyond this "jack of all trades" approach. People have a need to search for information on sites that specialize in a particular subject. Without a vertical search engine, this would either mean manually searching a multitude of sites that specialize in a particular subject, or settling for the first few results from a general search.

CloserLook™ Invisible Web Search Technology can deliver vertical search results to satisfy a broad range of user communities. With topics ranging from health and travel to business profile searches and skip tracing, our search engine provides results that are pertinent to the end-user query for that particular topic.

License our vertical searches to provide in-depth information on various topics of interest to your audience. Improve the search experience and keep your visitors coming back for more!

  • Vertical searches increase page views by delivering more pertinent search results that recognize the end-user's intent. This can help increase your ad revenue by delivering more focused results.
  • We build vertical searches to leverage the Cost Per Action model to create alternate revenue models for your site. Contact us to learn how our vertical searches can help grow revenue on your portal.
  • Learn more about Vertical Search Engines on Wikipedia.

For Consumer Portals and Websites looking to increase traffic and page views

  • Offer a vertical search like Hippocrates on your portal.
  • Hippocrates is a general health search, which gives the user reliable medical information in report form from the leading sources on the Internet. It can be tailored to the look and feel of your website.
  • It can even be customized to your own sources of choice.
  • Search engines, portals, Insurance companies and consumer health organizations can offer Hippocrates on their site through a licensing arrangement or through revenue sharing
  • Hippocrates has been written up in the Wall Street Journal, The London Times, Business First, Hindu Business Line of India as well as a number of industry magazines and blogs. See our news page for details.

For Business and Industry Portals, Newspapers and other Websites looking to build traffic

  • With EMpower™ your readers and visitors can obtain in-depth background information on the businesses you write about in your business section or website - with a single click.
  • Offer other vertical searches on topics like Sports or information on local activities and events that are directly related to your readers' interests.
  • Offer vertical searches on specific topic of relevance to your site and your industry.
  • Use the CloserLook Search Engine to power vertical searches on your own website so readers can find articles and information grouped by subject form within your archived pages.
  • Let us show you how you can build trafficand visitor loyalty with our world-class vertical search results.
  • Increase page views and click-through rate of ads by delivering more pertinent search results that recognize the end-user's intent.

For Banks and Financial Institutions

  • With EMpower™ you can obtain in-depth background information on businesses in real-time - with a single click.
  • Use Gotcha™ for skip trace and for verification of phone numbers and addresses for individuals and businesses.
  • Custom vertical search solutions for Patriot Act compliance that can be completed in real-time.
  • Integrate search results from internal sources with external subscription sources to enable complete reports on business clients and prospects from a single search.
  • Use CloserLook Search Engine to power vertical searches on your own website so employees and departments can find information grouped by subject from within your databases.
  • Let us show you how you can build traffic and visitor loyalty with our world-class vertical search results on topics of interest to your clients.
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Venture Capitalists

  • Obtain a up-to-date report on small businesses and start-ups from independent, authoritative sources with our business background vertical search engine.
  • With just a few mouse clicks EMpower™ puts valuable information about prospective businesses right in your hands.
  • Find out such details as when and where they were founded, and who owns them.
  • Discover if they are involved in any lawsuits, or have liens.
  • Confirm patents or trademarks on their technology as well as product or services offered and any news and press releases or awards won by company.

Sales and Marketing Departments

  • EMpower your sales force with a subscription to the best business background vertical search.
  • Why waste your first face-to-face opportunity on fact-finding?
  • Couldn't you use this time with your prospect more profitably?
  • With just a few mouse clicks EMpower™ puts valuable information about prospective clients right in your hands. For the cost of a single cell phone you can have everyone in your office go out with the facts they need to conduct more productive appointments.


Business requirement: Law-firms need to conduct corporate due diligence verifications on businesses for various legal transactions. BizinfoTracker™ helps address these requirements.

With this tool, cross border tracking has never been simpler.

BizInfoTracker finds company background information from multiple US/Canadian jurisdictions in minutes! It also verifies the presence of suits and liens.

Not sure where the company is? Our data aggregation technology allows you to check multiple jurisdictions at once - no more guessing!

Looking for a company with offices across the continent? Choose the jurisdictions you want to search, and only purchase the profiles you need - save time & money!

BizInfoTracker is offered in partnership with Oncorp Direct, Inc. in Canada.

Business requirement: Are you seeking to register a new business or trademark in Canada? Do you want to protect your trademark against infringement by other entities?

CloserLook Search Services now offers Comprehensive PreSearch Powered by CloserLook™ in partnership with OnCorp Direct Inc. One click on this link will have you leveraging the most powerful search application in its class. You will appreciate the features and sources as well as the added security this is designed to bring.

CloserLook PreSearch™ is an ideal tool for trademark owners, search houses, attorneys and paralegals. This service monitors numerous Internet sources where a trademark or business name may be used and provides real-time reports on their use.